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Digging Into WordPress, The Book, Version 3

Published by Chris Coyier

When we first released the book Digging Into WordPress, we thought of some reasons why people might not want to buy it. A big reason is because tech books can go out of date quickly, especially when the subject is a fast-developing technology like WordPress. So, we fixed that. When you buy this book, you get PDF updates to it for life.

Today is just such an event. WordPress 3.0 has been out for a while now, and so it's time for our second major update. This is the biggest one yet. We've combed through the entire book updating anything that was out of date or stale. We've also added a new Chapter 12, which is specific to the 3.0 update. The book is also sportin a brand new front and back cover!

If you already own our book in any form, this is old news, because we've already sent out an update email containing your new download. If you didn't get it (spam filters happen), email with your original receipt and we'll make sure you get it.

If you are considering it, but want to know more, you should check out the PDF sample of the book.

Regarding print version of the book, yes, they are coming back! It's going to take us about a month to have them ready. If you'd rather not wait, you can buy the PDF now, and when the print version is ready forward us your receipt. We'll send you a coupon code for exactly what you paid for the PDF to use in purchasing the print version. I'm sorry I spoke to soon on this issue. We are NOT offering any discounts on the printed version.


  1. Evan Weible
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    I will definitely be buying this one.

  2. David
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    Bought the first print version and I couldn’t be a happier with it. The updates are a HUGE plus!

    Thanks for all your hard work guys.

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    yupppiiiiii new book

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    I think one reason people may not want to buy it is that there are so many FREE WordPress resources out there. You can just Google and find most of what you need. Just my 2 cents.

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      That’s true, and that’s legitimate, but to me this book has the added value of:

      – being very readable and comprehensible, in a world full of jargon
      – being written by two bona fide experts who have encountered and solved more WP projects and problems than I have, and
      – added advanced tips along the way
      – added goodies, like the themes.

      I’m not just shilling for the book. I think the price tag is pretty steep. But a lot of new readers will find it worth it, as I have. (End of commercial…)

    • There’s something to be said for solid, in-depth content, and that’s something you seldom find online for free. After reading hundreds of blog posts over the years, there’s something satisfying about reading a book that just seriously digs deep into a subject, whether tech, history, or really anything. This book really does that for me!

      As far as the price goes, it’s cheaper than many O’Reilly eBooks, and with free updates, it’s actually a steal IMO :)

    • ttest
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      You are correct, many free resources out there. However, free is not always a reliable source and you can spend quite a bit of time searching. It’s really up to you. Me, I need consistency and this book is provides that comfort.

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    I’ve seen the demo and I found It really interesting..
    I think that I’ll buy It.
    Keep the great job :) .

  6. Just brought myself a copy Chris, I really need to dig into every WP resource at arms length and learn this system. I love the comprehensive and wholesome feel that books offer, something I don’t always get when searching random resources on the net.

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    Great update Chris – thanks very much. For anybody who’s not yet convinced – stop reading this and get yourself a copy now! :)

  8. Karl Badde
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    I wish you’d respect what you promise.
    I tried several times to contact you on due to the lack of updates I should receive, cause I bought the very first PDF version. I read about updates on your blog here yet never received updates via mail. No downloadlinks, no invitations, no nothing.
    Have to admit that I’m slightly disappointed cause I’m not really treated as advertised.

    • Me and Jeff handle every single email that we get at the email personally, and resend download links as many time as we need to to make sure that everyone gets their updates that we promised. I’m sorry that you didn’t get yours. My best guess is that we’ve missed your emails due to spam on our end, we’ll check it out. Since I now have your email from this comment, I’ll try sending a new download link to that.

    • Karl Badde
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      Thanks Chris! Very glad to read this!

  9. Hassan
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    I bought the PDF version; so that means i won’t be getting this update ?

  10. Anthony
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    Excellent! I look forward to buying a hard copy of the new book.

    Thanks for all your hard work guys…keep it up!

  11. Dennis
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    Will buy this as soon as I get money this month! Really looking forward to read through it as I will make my first WordPress site very soon.

  12. Peter
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    I bought the book more as a way of saying thanks for all the work that goes into this website. Whilst there is lots of free info out there on wordpress, having it all in one easy to read book is a bonus. As someone who played around with HTML back in the mid 90’s, this site has been unbelievable in helping me acquaint myself with css and then wordpress. Thanks Chris

  13. Starsky
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    I take this opportunity to say thank-you Chris and all people who did a great work around WordPress and other subjects. I bought the book, received well the update and recommend the book to everyone even if we can find a lot of stuff on the web.
    Buying the book is also a way to continue the loop…
    And sorry for my english…
    Many thanks!

  14. I will be buying this. WordPress is simply so good and the fact that it is used by so many websites makes it a necessity!

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    Thanks guys for this excellent book!

    I have used it to build my first fully-WordPressed site, which I launched today: I wouldn’t have been as comfortable suggesting WP to my client without you!

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    This one looks like a great investment, I will be buying this asap:)

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    Thanks Chris!

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    Thanks for the update, very nice cover design, pure eye candy !

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    nice updates its really helpfull

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    Wow! this is a treat.
    Question: would this contain information on programing custom fields on wp backend? along with ways to use the function file to customize wp?

    as always Great work.

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    Great stuff, keep up the good work Chris!

  22. looks a great book and a brilliant idea to have PDF updates

  23. Thanks for the news. It is great to know that there still are some wordpress specialists that want to share their thoughts and ideas in a new book. :)

  24. Thanks we will look at purchasing this when the print is available again, and agree the cover looks great, loving the font selection! LT

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    wow being able to get free updates for a 1 time pay is a big plus for me. it was also a surprise for me – the free updates thingy. i think this is the 1st book that offer such a thing. great work.

    1 thing why people dont get books now, at least from a developer/IT person is frequent changes like u known. also i think there are a lot of free resources (requires time to find them tho).

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    So, what happened to the index???

    • You’re the first person to notice so far, but yeah, we removed it. It was a ton of work keeping up to date for a rather outdated concept. Everybody gets the PDF anyway, so the theory is you can just search that for a much more comprehensive index. It also is saving on printing costs since we’ve added so many pages, it was beneficial to remove some as well.

  27. Jen Smith
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    Absolutely thrilled with this book. I’m only a little way in, but it’s already extremely easy to understand. I know it’s going to become a major part of my design library. Great job!

  28. A very useful book, but I wish the price would be lower.

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    For what I can see in the demo, it’s one of the best, and maybe the best WordPress book so far. And for me, there’s nothing better than a plain book, instead of reading on my screen :)
    I’m gonna grab me a copy!

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    Whhaaaa? The book is sold out??? Will there be a second printing??? When???

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    you guys are by far the best!!! :D

  32. floit
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    I didn’t receive the e-mail so I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t gotten any response yet (and I’ve been checking the spam inbox regularly). Could you send it to me again please?

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      I sent an update to this email address. If anyone has an issue like this please email directly.

    • floit
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      Thanks! That was fast :)
      Maybe I didn’t explain myself quite clearly, but I did email to that address, I guess it got lost in the spam folder or something like this.
      Anyway, thanks a lot for the quick response, I really appreciate it. And the book is awesome! :D

  33. Tim
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    Hi Chris.

    I too have sent a couple of emails in the last week to with no response and would really like to get my hands on the latest version of the book. Hoping this comment will help things along. Thanks.

  34. Craig Ashby
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    Like Tim, I have been sending emails to the sales address, and have not received any reply whatsoever. I added you to my whitelist to avoid any spam filtering. I also found the old email that allowed me to opt in for future updates. It’s going on a month now, and I would really like to get my update soon. I will gladly resend my purchase info if you can’t look it up by email address. (I’m hoping it’s visible to you). Thanks.

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