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CSS-Tricks Chronicle VIII

Published by Chris Coyier

I catch a plane a week from tomorrow for Honolulu, Hawaii (first time!) where I'll be doing a couple of events. A half-day workshop and a talk (both about workflow) at InControl then another talk at CSS Dev Conf. Lots of prep to do this week.

The whole CodePen team is working super hard lately for a major release. Our biggest yet. Can't share a date yet but it won't be too much longer.

There was no link anywhere on the site (other than buried in blog posts) for the Store. I updated the footer to do a big of a callout for it until I can decide on a better permanent place for it.

That photo is of Sara Cope. She and my friend Camden Sabat took some sweet Merch pics for me. Flickr set:

Someone called me out on a really old crappy WordPress-related article on this site. I was thinking of just taking it down because it really was pretty crappy. But instead, I updated each section of it and refuted my own dumb recommendations.

For the first time, I created an RSS feed for the Gallery. It just outputs titles, full size images, descriptions, and direct links when I have them. Normally I'd FeedBurner a feed like this to save bandwidth and give me metrics on it. But FeedBurner's future seems very up in the air. I think I'll just directly host it for now and see how it goes.

The RSS feed for Snippets (this one is older, thus IS on FeedBurner) was broken. Really dumb little thing about the XML header being output one line down instead of as the first line of the file. RSS XML is some finicky stuff. That's fixed now and it barfed up a backlog of snippets onto Twitter.

Fox level subscribers have until December 5th to download videos from The Lodge. I originally wanted to offer video downloads to any Lodge subscriber, but costs are too high. Bear level subscribers will have access to all downloads of everything. Fox level subscribers have access to all videos, you'll just need to watch them directly on the site.

I get to be part of The Pastry Box Project next year.

Mixture is definitely worth keeping an eye on, folks. Especially for those folks who really have gotten into fancied local development (e.g. static site generators, CodeKit, running local servers, etc). It's on Windows too...

Estelle Weyl interviewed me for the Webstock Blog. I'll be at Webstock in Feburary. I'm going to interview Estelle right back and post it on this blog.

I'm on the second video on this The Next Web post that was shot immediately after I spoke at FOWD New York. There is a weird ad first, but the video kicks in after that.


  1. Ron
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    Just wanted to let you know, the Mixture link goes to the Pastry Box Project. I’m looking forward to checking out the correct link.

  2. Mixture link links to the pastry box project.

    Great article anyway :)

  3. Mihvoil
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    I’m amazed by Mixture!

  4. MobyD
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    Mixture looks phenomenal, especially because it’ll honestly be the first of it’s kind with Windows support ( by that I mean forward thinking front-end development tools). I just hope and pray that it doesn’t turn into a “expert” tool.

    “It’ll save you so much time. You’ll never go back to that old crappy way you did things before. It just
    takes a brief 26-48 hours of time to configure, 5 years to properly learn, and will require 5 hours of weekly maintenance. And so help you god if you’re doing something slightly different than we had intended…”

  5. Permalink to comment#

    How are you supposed to know if you’re a Fox or a Bear?

  6. rom
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    If you have time, I suggest swinging over to the north shore of oahu. It’s the season when it turns into the 7 Mile Miracle for surfing. There will be a pro contest going on at either Haleiwa or Sunset Beach. If you’re inclined, check it out!

  7. Scott
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    The juxtaposition of you and Sara in the footer is hilarious. Or creepy. One of those.

  8. Gamster Katalin
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    Oh noo! FLASH?!

  9. Tan
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    I’m utterly confused by the Fox subscriber download calculation.

    Amazon charged me July 5th, 2012. Six months after this date is January 5th, 2012. It is, however, inconceivable that July 5th is being used as the ‘start date’ of the subscription, since the Lodge has not been accessible to subscribers since this date.

    My Lodge account shows my subscription expiring on March 6th, 2012. This means that my subscription began around September 6th, 2012 (when the email arrived stating that the Lodge was open). September 6th – December 5th is about 3 months. The lowest-level rewarded Kickstarter pledge promised:

    “Access to the private area on CSS-Tricks (for 6 months) where the screencasts will be available for viewing and downloading.”

    How can December 5th, 2012 be the deadline for Fox members to download videos?

    • Hey Tan,

      July 2012 = Kickstarter ended, cards charged, work on site begins. I didn’t start 6 months of access then because that would have been unfair (there was nothing to see yet).

      September 2012 = Site finished, 6 months of access starts. Which then puts Kickstarter expiration dates at March 2012.

      There were two levels of access offered in Kickstater. The higher level mentioned downloads. At some point I decided to extended the ability to download the videos (but not files) to the lower level as well, but that is ending on December 5th due to sustainability costs. It’s a just a date I chose as a deadline. I posted a note about it in the Lodge with about 5 weeks of lead time. At the time of this writing you have about 2 weeks to download videos at the Fox level – so plenty of time to go through and downloads the ones you want.

      Remember that your access is still Fox level (and everything that was promised) all the way through March!

  10. James D
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    I’m confused by Mixture.. Why wouldn’t you learn RoR instead? Seems like that’s where the concepts are coming from.

  11. Permalink to comment#

    Mixture is cool :) I love how the web designer thrown away “normal” expectations and just nailed something amazing.

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