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Campana Ceramics on Etsy

Published by Chris Coyier

Perhaps slightly off-topic today, but I thought you guys might appreciate this. My lifelong friend and college roommate Jeff Campana has recently gotten his MFA in Ceramics and moved to Kentucky to teach it at the University of Louisville. I've always been a big fan of his work. Very usable, functional vessels that are at the same time very elegant. As Jeff puts it: "Luxurious Utilitarian Ceramics". He is selling work on (the extremely awesome) now:

CampanaCeramics on Etsy

About the style:

Each item here has been individually thrown (in at least 2 parts), trimmed, and then cut apart and reassembled in order to give them my distinctive linear patterns, visible inside and out. As each piece is a unique individual artwork, I photograph them all as individuals. What you see is exactly what you get! All works are durable, and microwave/dishwasher safe.

My Christmas shopping is all happening right here.

Check out some of the work:

CampanaCeramics on Etsy


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    Awesome. Where’d he get his MFA? He needs to drive down to Berea, KY. Berea College has a lot of Ceramics students and they sell their work to help pay for school. Great place to pick up gifts, and a beautiful state park down there as well.

  2. He went to IU (Indiana University) in Bloomington. Hey you’re from Indiana right Tommy? Small world.

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    Yeah! I’m in Indianapolis, small world indeed.

  4. That is quite some exquisite work. I love the colors

  5. Michael
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    Wow – this is a small world. I’m from Indiana and lived in Bloomington for about 4 years before I moved here to Lexington, KY which is only an hour east of Louisville.

    Chris, does Jeff have a shop in Louisville? I have a dear friend who used to be a director for both the Nelson-Atkins as well as the Headley-Whitney Museums and I think he’s love to take a look at these himself.

  6. Jeff Campana
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    Thanks for getting me this much needed exposure. To Michael: I have work in the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, and the Gallery on Pearl in New Albany. Please feel free to send links to anyone.


  7. Michael
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    Jeff – Thanks for the info. He’s been wanting to goto the 21c Museum Hotel as he knows the artist that did the roof top garden at the hotel and would like to see it. With the weather as it is that probably won’t happen until spring now.

    However a set of cups from you would be a perfect Christmas gift for him!

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    Beautiful work Jeff. Also, for those not familiar with Etsy, check it out. Its a great way to discover emerging artist and to shop local. I have bought quite a bit of original art from Etsy. Great stuff.

    Also, I guess that makes me the only person not in Indiana ;) However, we are all still in the Big Ten footprint (Ann Arbor, MI here)

  9. Dominik
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    That are nice colors, it’s very special!

    I have a question, you have a new style for your site, can you provide the old theme for download? It was very beautiful, that would be very nice. :)

    Keep it up and best wishes

  10. Fantastic work! What I love is that, as a designer (albeit of a different medium), work like this is not only beautiful but also a great source of inspiration. Thank you Chris for the info, and thank you Jeff for the marvelous eye-candy!

  11. eddie
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    maybe your friend like Chinese style

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    Chris I truely do love your friends work !

  13. Mister Ken
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    HIs glazes are subtle and elegant. Very nice work.
    I wonder what it is with web people and ceramics/pottery? I know at least 5 other web dev people who collect. Think I need to add some of these pieces to my collection…

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  15. Ken
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    Most excellent!
    Do you know what ecommerce software Esty uses?

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    UofL? Go Cards!

  17. Susan
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    I love the style of his work. Also his etsy online store looks great as well. May I ask what kind of cms was used for this? Is it Magento?

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