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Building a Better Blogroll / WordPress Podcast

Published by Chris Coyier

I wrote an article for NETTUTS that was published today. It's called Building a Better Blogroll: Dynamic Fun with SimplePie and jQuery. In it, I make up a "widget" for pulling in recent headlines from the Envato family of blogs which you can switch between using the Coda Slider plugin for jQuery.

I was interviewed by Charles Stricklin of the WordPress Podcast on Episode 44. It starts about 58 minutes in. We talk about that series I did on Designing for WordPress.


  1. I just read the NETTUTS tutorial, and totally skipped over who wrote it. However, when I got to the line “Design first, code later. I find the results are always better this way. A little playing around in Photoshop…”, I thought, “That sounds an awful lot like Chris. Odd…” Turns out it was you?! Funny!
    Back on topic, I think that tutorial’s spot-on, Chris, and very helpful. I just looked over the API for Simplepie, and it’s incredible the kinds of opportunities it seems to present.

  2. Haha, Michael I had the same thing! I’m planning on listening to that podcast later on today. It popped up on my Zune, but I had no intention to listen to it, until I saw you had a interview on it!

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    Hey Chris, is it possible to make it auto slide in 10 sec interval? I did something similar (not nearly as good as yours) in my blog network, with the help of google azax feed api and custom css. If you want you can check it out on my website sidebar.

  4. You are vright Michel

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