Woodworking SVG (and Other Real Life Encounters)

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Eric Meyer does his woodworking math in SVG.

I’ve been hand-coding SVG schematics to figure out how thing should go together, and as a by-product, guide me in both material buying and wood cutting.

This might sound hugely bespoke and artisanally overdone, but they’re not that complicated, and as a major benefit, the process has helped me understand SVG a little bit better.


This all reminds me of my own SVG-meeting-real-life scenario. Years back, when I had access to a letterpress shop, I had some SVG converted into printable plates to make fun little bits of art.

First I did a little SVG shape morphing to get some in-progress morphs:

Then I used those SVGs in Illustrator to create a design, which I sent off to a special company to make me a letterpress plate out of polymer.

Then I used that plate to print the designs

Which turned out pretty cool!

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