Why I don’t use web components

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Here’s an interesting post by Rich Harris where he’s made a list of some of the problems he’s experienced in the past with web components and why he doesn’t use them today:

Given finite resources, time spent on one task means time not spent on another task. Considerable energy has been expended on web components despite a largely indifferent developer population. What could the web have achieved if that energy had been spent elsewhere?

The most convincing part of Rich’s argument for me is where he writes about progressive enhancement and the dependence on polyfills for using web components today. And I’m sure that a lot of folks disagree with many of Rich’s points here, and there’s an awful amount of snark in the comments beneath his post, but it’s certainly an interesting conversation worth digging into. For an opposing perspective, go read the very last paragraph in the last installment of our Web Components Guide, where author Caleb Williams suggests that there’s no need to wait to use web components in projects:

These standards are ready to adopt into our projects today with the appropriate polyfills for legacy browsers and Edge. And while they may not replace your framework of choice, they can be used alongside them to augment you and your organization’s workflows.

But all of this is a good reminder that hey: web components are a thing that we should be able to freely criticize and talk about without being jerks. And I think Rich does that pretty well.

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