What I Wish I Knew About CSS When Starting Out As A Front-Ender

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Nathan Hardy shares when things “clicked”:

Reflecting back on this time, I think there are a few key concepts that were vital to things finally all making sense and fitting together. These were:

• The Box Model (e.g. box-sizing, height, width, margin, padding)
• Layout (e.g. display)
• Document Flow and Positioning (e.g. position, top, left, etc.)

I called this my ah-ha moment a few years back:

For me, it was a couple of concepts that felt like an unlocking of real power. It was a combination of these concepts that were my “Ah-ha!” moment.

• Every page element is a box.
• I can control the size and position of those boxes.
• I can give those boxes background images.

People shared their own as well. And again.

It’s really the deal.

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