Websites We Like: February 2017

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It has been a while since we’ve taken stock of all the beautiful websites out there. Here’s our favorites from the past couple of weeks!


Who says the web should scroll in one direction? Not the creative agency Fuzzco which on their homepage lets you navigate the page in a very interesting way and this compliments the visual design, too:


Tuna is a specimen for the typeface of the same name by Felix Braden and Alex Rütten. This serif is designed specifically for on-screen reading and so it looks beautiful even at small sizes:

Web Field Manual

The Web Field Manual is a collection of articles about UX, UI and all-round general web design advice:

But one of my favorite parts of this site is all the teeny tiny and subtle animations that you might miss if you happen to rush through it. Here’s one example where the title will animate upwards on load (I especially like the background triangles that animate in, too):

New Acton

I’m not entirely sure what this website for New Acton is advertising (is it like a mall? Or an art space or something?) but either way the website is undeniably beautiful with illustrations that break up and shiver as you hover the cursor over them:


Bumpers is an app that lets you record audio and the website is pretty darn snazzy; there’s lots of inline SVG and peculiar full-screen illustrations to look at here.

MailChimp’s 2016 Annual Report

A while back MailChimp made a beautiful annual report with statistics about what the company has been up to over the past twelve months. What really stands out here are the animations and illustrations which perfectly compliment the humour and wit in the writing:

OK, so that’s it until next time! Oh and make sure to add a comment below if there’s any delightful websites that you think we should take a look at.