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I do this podcast called ShopTalk Show with Dave Rupert. If you like this blog you’ll probably like that show. We bring on guests but it’s mostly a listener Q&A show. I’ve had a few folks ask me what podcasts I listen to, so I thought I’d make a list and attempt to keep it updated.


The East Wing with Tim Smith & Galen Gidman gets a ton of heavy hitters and gets them talking about their past and what they do. This duo also does Young Guns Show which is focused on interviewing some of the amazing young talent in the industry.

The Big Web Show is on 5by5 and hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman who I’m sure you all know. Jeffrey can get at the big questions with his breadth of experience in this industry.

The Industry Radio Show with Adam Stacoviak, Drew Wilson, and Jared Erondu bring on various guests to talk about the web industry. I always learn about some apps that I never knew existed. Adam also does Founder’s Talk where he talks with founders of businesses in the computer industry.

The Web Ahead with Jen Simmons is also on 5by5. It is an interview show but Jen brings a lot of her own web experience to the shows. Plus she has a nice soft soothing voice.

The Non Breaking Space Show with Christopher Schmitt, Dave McFarland, and Chris Enns brings in the “web’s best and brightest” for chats. Christopher has a good sense of what’s interesting right now since he’s heard it all as a mass conference organizer. Dave is also sharp as a tack and clear spoken, perhaps from his life as a teacher.

In the PageBreak podcast, Niki Brown and Liz Andrade read books about the web and then talk about them on the show. Lately they’ve added enjoyable “snippets” episodes with smaller non-book-related topics.

The host lineup for the SitePoint Podcast seems to be different a lot, but Louis Simoneau and Kevin Dees are on it a lot. The topics are sometimes interviews but just as often some hot topic in the industry. Kevin also does Web Weekly TV with Jonas Flint.

This Developer’s Life episodes are few and far between, but they are very well produced. It’s tempting to tell Rob Conery and Scott Hanselman to speed up, but let’s not ruin a perfect thing.

I listen to most of the episodes of the above podcasts. Kinda depends on how much time I spend in the car or doing non-thinky computer work which is when podcasts get mass-consumed by me. I dabble in others where I’ll download and listen a show or two here and there, like Build and Analyze, This Week in Tech, Security Now, or MacCast.

For non-tech podcasts, I absolutely love This American Life, RadioLab, Planet Money, and MonsterTalk.

What are your favorites?