Web Animation Workshops Dates for 2018 Announced

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“I’m getting a raise!”

This was my favorite quote from last year’s Web Animation Workshops, as Val and I covered performance, tooling, and creating animations for SVG, CSS, JS and React.

Now we’re gearing up for another round of Web Animation Workshops in 2018! But we’re only offering two workshops this time since both of us have moved away from full-time consulting.

The aim of these workshops is to level up your animation skills in just two days and equip you with a full understanding of animation concepts without having to rely on copying and pasting code from other people in your web applications.

These are the dates and locations:

  • Chicago: March 19 – 20
  • Brighton, UK: July 9 – 10

We’re already out of early bird tickets for Chicago and space is limited, so grab yours quickly before they sell out.

We’ll see you there!

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