#203: A First Look at Cloudflare Pages

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Cloudflare Pages is Jamstack hosting, meaning it’s a static file host that runs your builds and lets you do dynamic things with JavaScript and services. You might normally think of Cloudflare as something you put in front of your site’s hosting, but this is your site’s hosting. Extreme speed is what you’ll get right out of the gate here.

In this video, Chris is joined by Cloudflare’s Kristian Freeman to play with the product and see how it works. We spin up a Nuxt.js site locally, push it to a GitHub repo, and have Cloudflare Pages pick it up from there and deploy it. Cloudflare Pages knew exactly how to run that build and it worked great. It even builds pull requests against that repo and generates preview URLs.

Then we took an existing Eleventy site I already have in a repo, and followed the steps to deploy it on Cloudflare Pages, which also worked perfectly. It’s a nice touch of Cloudflare Pages that it helps you update the DNS to set up the hosting correctly.

Why pick Cloudflare Pages? They are offering quite a few “unlimited” features: Unlimited sites, unlimited requests, unlimited bandwidth, and as Kristian and I talked about in the video, unlimited and free team member seats. The only thing you pay for is the number of builds (like if you push more than 500 times a month, then you bump up to the next tier for 5,000 builds a month, which is only $20).

We talk about a few other things in the video, like how powerful and useful Cloudflare Workers are and managing permissions with Cloudflare Access.