#193: Scully: the SSG for Angular

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Chris Coyier on

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Tara Z. Manicsic joined me for this video, setting up the very basics of Scully, which is a Static Site Generator for Angular — nay, the SSG for Angular, as Tara pointed out to me.

I don’t know much Angular at all. In fact, I didn’t have the Angular CLI installed on my machine at all when we started this video, so that ends up being one of the first things we do. Then we get into scaffolding a new Angular project, installing Scully, and looking at what the build process is like for setting up a blog.

One of the things I liked is that Tara said that you don’t have to “learn” Scully. If you’re already an Angular person, this is just Angular. Scully is doing the smart behind-the-scenes stuff to pre-render pages rather than having everything rendered client-side. And with Angular, many of the decisions are made for you up-front in a way they aren’t with some other popular frameworks. If you need routing, that’s baked in. If you need state management, that’s baked in. It is both prescriptive and opinionated. And because of that, it makes powerful scaffolding possible. The CLI can do a lot for you, prepping your project for new pages and things.

Tara has an in-depth guide on Scully and making a blog over on the the Netlify blog: Creating an Angular Jamstack Blog