#192: Git Tricks for Getting Yourself Out of Trouble

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Chris Coyier on

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As amazing as Git is for handling your source code, you can certain git (lol) yourself into trouble. What if you make a change to a file and you want to get rid of the change? What if you just want to get rid of part of the change? What if you’ve already committed it? What if the commit was good but the commit message was bad? Those are just the first few that we cover in this video.

Tobias G√ľnther is the founder of Git Tower and he joins me in this video to cover a whole bunch of useful things you can do in Git when you’ve made some kind of mistake (sort of like Katie’s “Oh Shit, Git!?!”). Tobias made it really fun to learn how to do a whole bunch of things in Git that I’ve never done before, but now feel much more confident using on my own.

You’ll probably get a bit more out of this one if you’re using the Tower app, but it’s not required.