#187: Notion for Team Meetings & Documentation

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Chris Coyier on

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This is the second video in 3-video series on using Notion. In Part 1 we covered a lot of ground on what Notion is how it’s great for any team, and web development teams in particular.

In this video, we’ll take a look at the two absolute biggest things I do in Notion:

  1. Team Meetings
  2. Project Planning

And probably a few others things! All of that feels like some degree of documentation. Documentation isn’t always instructions. To me, documentation is an informational record. Having an informational record of meetings is great for reference and ensuring that people are on the same page. What did we talk about again? Oh, it’s right here. Not to mention everything in Notion is searchable.

Having strong documentation of what your team is talking about and doing so everyone can understand each other is harder than it sounds like. And it’s vital for high-functioning teams. Thankfully, Notion is wonderful at it.