#128: Effeckt.css, Local Setup with Grunt, and Contributing on GitHub

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

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Effeckt.css is an in-progress open source project that aims to provide performant, quality CSS transitions and animations for web designers. The idea is to provide as little UI and JavaScript as possible so that you can extract an effect to use on your own site, and customize it, easily.

In this screencast I introduce you to the project, show how you can get it running locally, and how to contribute to it on GitHub. There is a variety of tech involved. The project uses Node and npm for its dependancies. One of which is Grunt which handles the build process. Grunt essentially watches the project folder and runs all the right stuff when files change. For instance rebuilding the HTML files when templates change, and running Sass, Autoprefixer, and LiveReload when SCSS files change.

Then we make a real change to the project (on our fork of it) and submit a pull request up to the main project.