#4: Forcing Scrollbars: Eliminating “Horizontal Jumps”

In this screencast I talk about how to force vertical scrollbars onto websites. Without doing this, pages with centered content can appear to "jump" to the left or right when going from a page that needs to vertically scroll to one that does not (and visa versa). I cover two different major techniques for doing this, since they both have their advantages and disadvantages between different browsers.

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  1. Todd
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    It’s nice to look through your screencast archives and come across something really simple but also something that has confused me for a long time. I knew this was possible but just couldn’t for life of me work out how it was done. Thanks

  2. Tav
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    Thank you very much ! Good to know those tips. Greetings from Romania

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    Thank you, it’s really a good video. But I’m wondering is it really a big deal for the little jump of the content =P

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