#35: Intro to jQuery 2

Starting off where we left off last time, we continue exploring the possibilities of jQuery. We revisit some of the old functions and make them do some smarter things. We explore a simple variable and an IF/ELSE statement. Then we look at the AJAX-y .load() function, the CSS function, and then finish off by writing out own custom function and going over how that layer of abstraction can help us keep our code clean. Semantics counts in JavaScript too!

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  1. Fahim Moussi
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    Awesome article. With a modest read about core javascript fundamentals this tutorial will help any designer drop Flash effects in…well… a flash. Thanks for the help!

  2. Jim
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    Really liking the jQuery tutorials…More, more, more! (please..)

  3. austin avrashow
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    REALLY useful to see jQuery being built/edited then what the dynamic page LOOKS LIKE. Thx for the great series! Video/screencast is 10X better for this type of info than static text & pictures.

  4. Ivan Burgos
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    Great intro to jQuery, you have a good sense of explaining complex concepts in a simple way. Keep up the good work.

  5. jack
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    Thank you for explaining jQuery, really helpful to get me started.
    Love your site and all the good things on it,will be visiting often from now on.

  6. Druid of Lûhn

    This just reminded of a few basics. Thanks!
    I did have a rather large bug though, that the audio kept playing after the video had stopped at 6:01.

  7. Phillip
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    Is there an issue with this video? Initially when I click play the timer shows the duration to be around 25 minutes, but then it changes to six minutes and only the audio continues after that six minutes.

  8. Rune
    Permalink to comment#

    I had that same issue…rats!!!

  9. Thomas Eriksen
    Permalink to comment#

    The video also stops for me after 6:01, but the audio continues.

    Darn it.

    Like your videos though.


  10. anonymous
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    please.. reupload this video..

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