#29: Google Search for Your Site

Integrating search on a website can be an incredibly complex subject far beyond my web development skills. Fortunately, Google offers a service called "Custom Search Engine" which you can integrate right into your own site. This leverages Googles awesome search power, and it can all happen directly on your own website!

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  1. flavio
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    i want change my search because he looks like google search

  2. Selvam
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    Video is very informative..Why don’t you offer you tube streamed video, instead of current video..Its taking time to load.. :(

    • philip
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      yes Chris video takes ages to load, can you use youtube? i usually get to half way then it gets stuck and have to start all over again and only to get stuck again at the same position – took all day trying to watch one screencast.

      thanks videos are great, but youtube em?

    • Chris Coyier
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  3. Ryan Butt
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    this video shows Old Google Custom Search Engine.

    they have updated the site LOOK & FEEL menu is totally different from your Video :(

  4. Marco
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    It gives an error,it may depend by the “target page”(filled in the code given by google)
    Maybe is better to re-make directly from google’s cse
    Google CSE(shortened by my urlshortener)
    Good job

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