#206: Building a Data-Backed Next.js Site with Prisma & App Platform

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Chris Coyier on

I’m joined by Chris Sev from Digital Ocean to talk about their new App Platform. We’re going to use it to build a little website. The site will be blog-like: posts with IDs, titles, content, and the more dynamic bit, “likes.” We’re going to use some pretty modern tech to get it done.

  • Next.js will be the site building framework, giving us React, the ability to use a Node-server backend, and routes to build our own little API.
  • Prisma will be the tool (an “ORM” specifically, Object-relational mapping) we’ll use to make building the database interactions easier and give us tools for interacting with that data.
  • App Platform will be the host which gives us the Static & Node server, Postgres data store, build-in deployment from GitHub, and more.