#164: Basic WooCommerce Walkthrough

WooCommerce is a powerful and flexible eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Wanna sell subscriptions or memberships? WooCommerce can do that? Digital downloads? Yep. Appointments and bookings? Sure.

But the meat and potatoes of eCommerce, so to speak, is selling a physical product and shipping it and WooCommerce does that great as well. That's exactly what we do on CodePen's store. We aren't exactly in the eCommerce business as our primary thing, so we wanted something easy to handle. We're already using WordPress for our blog, documentation, and podcast, so using it for the store was a no-brainer.

Our T-Shirt printing company, RealThread, also does fulfillment. But it wasn't a matter of picking a technological solution that fits their needs. They already support WooCommerce, partially I'm sure because WooCommerce is so popular. We've used ShipStation in the past to do our own fullfillment directly. That's also what RealThread uses, so we just configured out ShipStation integration plugin to work for them.

This screencast goes into all that.

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