#16: Creating the Photoshop Mockup

This episode is a prequal to episodes 12, 13, and 14. We go back to a blank Photoshop document and re-create it. There is no HTML/CSS in this episode, just pure Photoshop work.

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  1. Cesar
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    Thanks for the great tutorials. I thought I’d pass this tip along. When using Adjustment Layers, you can toggle between whether the Adjustment Layer affects all of the layers below it or just one below it by option-clicking on the thin line that separates the Adjustment Layer and art layer you’re working on in the Layers palette.

    Also, you can set the new Adjustment Layer to only affect the layer below it when you first create the Adjustment Layer by selecting the “Use previous layer to create clipping mask” button in the dialog box.

  2. hassan
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    When i open up photoshop, and then create a new file. It shows me this little hand CURSOR like every tool i select i come over to the canvas and it doesn’t seem to work. Only that hand shows up i don’t know what’s wrong so please help me out! Thanks

  3. Alex
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    Hey, this is really a great video. It’s harder for me to understand the “generative” parts of photoshop (I get the colors, editing a photo, seeing it as a field of pixels, etc) but for me Illustrator has the more useful metaphor for making “things”. Boxes, fill/stroke, etc. That being said, Photoshop is so much more useful for generating web-ready graphics, and most tutorials seem to skip over how to use the tools for web-specific purposes. Many thanks.

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