#119: Let’s Answer Forum Posts! Vol. 2

In this screencast we live answer more forums posts with no planning whatsoever. I don't think we hit a homerun on any of the threads we look at, but that's the lesson. You don't have to have the answers to everything to be a useful forum member. Just a few thoughts and your related experience can be helpful in nudging the original person in the right direction.


  1. Ross Penman
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    Thanks, Chris. I love this type of post and I hope you keep doing them.

    It’s also awesome that this was recorded just after my first forum post!

  2. Xunei
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    Nice Screencast :)

  3. Greg
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    This is a great series. I’m one of those people who spends too long composing forum posts, the starts over, then hits cancel. It’s very motivating to watch someone else write quick, useful posts.

    Perhaps the key is to keep it short and not try to address every aspect of the problem.

  4. Alex
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    Hello, Chris.
    Thank you for your good works.
    Pls I sent you a message, but you are yet to reply.
    Pls kindly reply me, because I need your response.
    I am waiting.
    Thank u.

  5. skube
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    Love the idea of this. Please keep doing them.

  6. Nitin
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    You are the best.

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