#118: Introduction to CodePen PRO

CodePen PRO offers a slew of new features. You can read about them, but much better to show them right?

[Deep awesome voice]: and this is just the beginning.


  1. Mark Ayers
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    Professor mode isn’t updating for me. Bug?
    (not my account, this is the pen in question.)

  2. Chris Coyier
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    Hey Mark,

    In order for Professor Mode to work, the owner of the Pen needs to be in the room (and be a PRO member).

    Any other questions, and you can hit us up at http://blog.codepen.io/feedback/

    • Mark Ayers
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      They were. We had 3 people logged in, including the PRO owner, and it wasn’t registering that the student computers were watching, and we couldn’t even refresh to update the code, we actually had to reopen the original link in a new tab in order to update the code when it was edited by the owner.

    • Chris Coyier
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      Sorry about the trouble, everything seems OK on our end here. Again please hit us up at http://blog.codepen.io/feedback/ with specifics about the account and we can do some testing with you directly.

  3. Rudy
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    Did you notice that you’ve got what appears to be your phone number left in at the 2 minute mark?

  4. wilfred
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    Google has Aquire Codepen – is this true? more reads here: https://ihatetomatoes.net/google-acquires-codepen/

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