#112: Using CodePen

CodePen is an app for sharing and playing around with front end code. I made it with some friends of mine: Alex Vazquez and Tim Sabat. In this typical ramble-ridden screencast I introduce what it is, what it's for, how to use it, and some of its fancy features.


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    It’s really cool dude. I like it and i’ll use that. Thanks lot :)

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    Krsiak Daniel
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    love it

    personal, social, github, haml, sass, compass, …
    ton of features :)

    I provided 3 emails with feedback on enhancing UI
    hope some of it gets through … http://minus.com/mUXyUxIxr/

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      Krsiak Daniel
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      watched screencast
      I must say I found some of those features by accident

      so I believe my opinion on some UI upgrades is in some points valid
      but still … great app, happy to see where it goes

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    Will you be adding oauth for non github users?

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      Chris Coyier
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      Mayyyybe. Not quite on the radar yet. I’d suggest just signing up for a GitHub account. Takes two seconds.

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    This is so cool! I am really gonna enjoy using codepen! Great job!

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    How do you get those spaces between apps in your dock?

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      1. Open Terminal

      2. Type/enter this into the terminal:
      defaults write com.apple.dock persistent-apps -array-add ‘{ “tile-type” = “spacer-tile”; }’

      3. Type/enter this into the terminal to restart your dock:
      killall Dock

      4. The new blank space acts the same as any dock icon (drag around or out of the dock to remove).

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    Jens Ahrengot Boddum

    Very cool!

    Animated previews are a killer feature. Makes it kind of a CSS/JS version of Dribble which i really dig.

    Are you looking into categorizing the pens so its easier to use if you’re looking for something specific like an accordion or a touch-based image slider?

    I see the search box is there, but wondering why the results page doesn’t resemble the normal archive like “top picks” and “popular”. Probably on the road map somewhere :)

    As for the editor, it looks fantastic! Awesome color scheme and so great you support zen coding! Is there any way to switch between the HTML, CSS and JS editors without taking that editor full-browser?

    Awesome job. Really looking forward to more more people using it!

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    Jesus Bejarano


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    Abraham Mnt

    Awesome! The animation is totally useful! Bookmarked!

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    very awesome idea
    oh i love it
    thnx so much chris

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    Sean Jacob
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    Genius! There is too much awesomeness.

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    Ankur Gupta
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    Thanks for this video, liked the short commands for navigation and lists.
    Very useful for css testing.

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    Thats amazing, i really like codepen! Thanks!!

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    This is pretty awesome. Can’t wait to mine the depths.

    Great job!

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    I had absolutely no idea you were behind CodePen! I saw that you heart’d some dumb thing I made (some Mario thing) and I came here from investigating. So yeah, thanks for CodePen. I love how well it works and the neat social aspect of it all.

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    Just went there after your last screencast and yes, I think I’m digging this for quick experiments wherever I can find some internet-connection. Good stuff and it might even ease me into the “less” approach as well as scss or sass.


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    Its awesome, Thanks

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    Paul Ramnora
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    I was at another web site; quite possibly, LearningTree.com; which I just went and signed up for, today; when, eventually, a link I clicked on took me off to here. Very interesting site. I’ve used JSFiddle.net in the past. I really like these ‘new’ kinds of code teaching web sites that seem to be continually cropping up, everywhere; mainly because it sure as hell beats the way I used to study say 10+ years back learning how to create web pages through reading books: HTML Made Simple/Javascript For Dummies/-etc. Now-a-days, inside your same web browser, you can search to find online tutorial/(s); then, write code/run it/view it’s output all online; and, furthermore, using many more than just one(HTML)/two(CSS)/or, three(Javascript) languages. Mind, you, it also extends out my learning curve a hell of a lot more; because, now, I have to learn JQuery/Node.js/Django/Clojure/Git/and, I’m sure, whole entire dozens and dozens more/-etc. Frankly, there’s a hell of a lot of catching up to do… PS: Btw, your web site design looks, really and truly, GREAT! ;-)

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    its a great app for sure

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    Check this pen.

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    It’s cool

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