#10: Fixed Width, Fluid Width & Elastic Width

There are three different types of layouts for websites: Fixed Width, Fluid Width, and Elastic Width. In this screencast we look at all these three varieties of sites out on the web as well as some hybrid sites and other techniques for making use of wider browser windows. True "fixed width" sites will be a thing of the past when the modern browsers of today take hold in greater numbers. Opera 9, Firefox 3, and IE 8 all have "zoom" abilities, which make fixed width sites behave like elastic width sites. At the end of the screencast I show a very simple example on getting started with all three types.


  1. Justin
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    i am trying to set an absolute width for my site so that when you view a group on a monitor with WIDE resolution the viewer won’t see the strip of color on the right…any ideas?

  2. Adam
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    Look at using a background image that can fade/blend into a colored bg. Simple fix, but not sure if that will ruin your design.

  3. alpio
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    great video!

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