Thumbnail for #210: Yapping About Astro

#210 Yapping About Astro

Running Time: 26:28

I think Astro is a pretty cool bit of technology for building websites! Should we call it a framework? We’ll get into that in the video. How can we call it a framework if it asks you to “bring your …

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Thumbnail for #202: Centered List Markers

#202 Centered List Markers

Running Time: 10:13

Like so many things CSS, there is all sorts of little stuff to know, even something as minuscule as centering a list marker.

A reader wrote in with a screenshot of what they were trying to accomplish — basically an …

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Thumbnail for #201: Doing Booping

#201 Doing Booping

Running Time: 15:42

Joshua Comeau crowd-coined the term “boop” (high five, Adam Kuhn). These are sorta like hover/focus states, except that they aren’t. Your thingies — things like links, buttons, etc. — should still have those states. A “boop” is a more …

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Thumbnail for #199: Messing with JSX

#199 Messing with JSX

Running Time: 12:22

I probably should have learned this long ago, but alas, here we are. Turns out you can tell what function you want JSX to use. Yep, JSX really only has one primary transformation that it does. It turns angle brackets …

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Thumbnail for #195: How to Draw a Line with CSS

#195 How to Draw a Line with CSS

Running Time: 16:00

Stupid simple, right? It is! But it’s fun to think about for a few minutes and count a bunch of different ways we could do it. And what do I mean by a line anyway? We’ll mostly talk about a …

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Thumbnail for #193: Scully: the SSG for Angular

#193 Scully

Running Time: 01:03:24

Tara Z. Manicsic joined me for this video, setting up the very basics of Scully, which is a Static Site Generator for Angular — nay, the SSG for Angular, as Tara pointed out to me.

I don’t know much Angular …

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