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While I’m a front-end developer at heart, I’ve rarely had the luxury of focusing on it full time. I’ve been dipping in and out of JavaScript, never fully caught up, always trying to navigate the ecosystem all over again each time a project came up. And framework fatigue is real!

So, instead of finally getting into Rollup to replace an ancient Browserify build on one of our codebases (which could also really use that upgrade from Polymer to LitElement…), I decided to go “stackless”.

Elise Hein

I’m certainly not dogmatic about it, but I think if you can pull of a project with literally zero build process. It feels good while working on it and feels very good when you come back to it months/years later: you just pick up and go.

Imports, yo — they go a long way:

Native support for modularity is the most important step towards a build-free codebase. If I had access to only one ES6 feature for the rest of my life, I’m confident that modules would take me most of the way there when it comes to well-structured native JavaScript.

That last sentence in the post is a stinger. I’d say we’re not far off.

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