Userwell is for Managing Customer Feedback

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Building products for users is a balance between your vision of what your product can do for them, and refining that vision based on their feedback. If you’re really a customer-focused company, you’re listening. And more, you’re making it easy for customers to talk to you.

A good user feedback pipeline takes software — but you aren’t building user feedback software too, that would mean lost focus on your real product. That’s where Userwell comes in. Userwell is already good user feedback software. You focus on building your own product and let Userwell be your project feedback management software.

Gather feedback from all channels

Being picky about how you receive feedback doesn’t exactly send the right signal to customers. Just like the ol’ Robustness Principle: you should be liberal in what you accept. Userwell can accept customer feedback from anything.

They offer customizable Feedback Pages (which can be as public or private as you need) where feedback can be collected and viewed. They also offer a widget that can be easily integrated into any page for collecting feedback.

But it’s not limited to that! There are loads of direct integrations from other apps, like Slack and Salesforce. Imagine you have a #feedback channel in a Slack with your customers that can be fed into Userwell from there.

Plus they have an API, meaning literally anything can push feedback data into Userwell.

Analyze the feedback to make good product decisions

Now that you have all your customer feedback funneled into Userwell all together, you can triage it, respond to it, and even open it up to voting.

This takes guesswork the guesswork out of prioritizing work on user facing features. Nothing justifies a feature sprint like clearly looking at a dashboard showing you the top requests of active customers.

You can add internal-only information as well. Because of course, not all feature work is equal. For example, you can rate the effort level of features and then cross-reference it with the impact it will have. Low effort and high impact features are no brainers! Or cross references the features with how valuable the customer is providing the feedback.

Doing the work

Userwell can also be used to show those users (or any stakeholder) the progress and plan for all these features.

That might a faithful representation of your high-level project management overview. But say you use other software for project management. No problem! You can push tasks from Userwell into that software too, as Userwell’s API and direct integrations open things up to loads of other apps.

Go forth and build products that users love!