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Julia Carrie Wong and Matthew Cantor’s How to speak Silicon Valley: 53 essential tech-bro terms explained was pretty hilarious. A little something in there to offend everyone.

Speaking of kinda douchey words, I’m reminded of one of my favorite sites on the internet: Unsuck It. Not only does it call out a ton of terms for being, uh, sucky, but suggests unsucky alternatives.

Bubble Up

Thank you for pointing out that issue. I’ll be sure to bubble that up.

Unsucked: Tell someone with more authority.


Oh, yes! That’s very important to me. Let’s have a powwow about this first thing tomorrow.

Unsucked: Yet more unthinking appropriation of Native American culture. Meeting.


Unsucked: Thinking.

On a somewhat related note, there’s the ol’ swoop and poop which is also a thing.

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