A Unified Styling Language

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This article by Mark Dalgleish will go down as one of the most important front-end development articles of 2017.

It’s about the hot topic that is “CSS in JavaScript”. Mark walks us through how that’s actually not a simple and singular idea, but a continuum of concepts and implementations. There are lots of projects that all approach it in different ways. It’s likely that the best ways are the projects that actually generate real CSS. These things are a far cry from “inline styles”.

Regular ol’ CSS isn’t going anywhere, but these CSS in JS ideas aren’t either. There is some serious benefits to them for a lot of projects. Scoped styles preventing styling mistakes. Performance gains through critical styles. Only shipping the minimum amount of styles needed. Stylesheets that nobody is afraid of and don’t become the proverbial “append only” stylesheets. Not to mention that if you are going to be styling in a JavaScript environment, you get the possibility of dynamic styles and porting those styles to other platforms and such.

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