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On Twitter, I’m @chriscoyier.

I tweet about webby stuff a lot. But I also tweet about my life and random stuff I happen to be interested in from moment to moment. That’s just how I use Twitter. I love it.

Some people don’t like that. Once in a while people ask me to separate “web stuff” from “life stuff.” It’s tempting to just say no. I think it would suck the fun out of Twitter for me if I had to always think about what sub-set of followers I think I should send out particular tweets to. Or more to the point: if you don’t like my stream, don’t follow me. I mean that as advice. You should closely curate the people you follow on Twitter so reading tweets is enjoyable not just noise.

So I decided to be more accommodating to the folks who are interested in my “web stuff” and that’s it. There is a new Twitter account just for this site:


This is a totally automated account. It will automatically tweet new articles, new screencasts, and new snippets. Occasionally I might retweet some in-development stuff that I post from my real Twitter account or things like particular interesting forum threads. This account probably won’t follow you back or ever reply to you. It’s just for “Twitter is the new RSS” style people that prefer to use Twitter as a stream-of-links kinda thing.