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This is extremely fun. Jeff Lindsay has created Topframe, and writes:

Anybody that knows how to mess around with HTML can now mess around with their desktop computing experience. Topframe is an open source tool that lets you customize your desktop screen using HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

The default screen after installing has some hardcore weirdweb energy.

Mac-only I think for now.

But it’s super easy to customize. It’s just an index.html file at ~/.topframe/index.html. It auto-refreshes when you save the file.

My first thought was to fill my desktop with everything Dave likes from his RSS feed. But I tried dropping that JavaScript in and it didn’t work. I couldn’t debug it because there is no console to look at or anything. Oh well. I imagine practical use-cases include building little widgets with live data you want to keep an eye on at all times.

The other hiccup I had is that it messes with taking window screenshots. You know how you can go Command + Shift + 4 then Space on macOS to select just one window to screenshot? You can’t do that with this running because it’s always the top window. Hence “top frame” (get it?). I think it would be more fun to be “bottom frame” in that it would act more like a background instead of being always on top.

Apparently, Windows could do this a long time ago, proving (yet again) that there is nothing new under the sun.