Tools for Optimizing SVG

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Command Line Tools

Unfortunately, none¹ of them are maintained anymore. You also don’t need to use just one².

SVGO with a Task Runner

Desktop Apps

There are generic app for optimizing images on Windows and Linux, but I haven’t yet confirmed any of them do SVG.

Web Apps

The idea with these tools is that you have an SVG on your machine and you upload it to this web app to optimize this one SVG.


Optimizing Directly Out of Design Tools

Typically, when you export SVG out of a design tool it is in dire need of optimization. Hence, all the tools in this article. The design tool itself can help though, at least somewhat.

  1. No longer maintained references: SVGO, Scour, svgcleaner. UPDATE: SVGO has a maintainer again.
  2. Johannes Kalliauer at Wikipedia (who informed me of the broader landscape of command-line tools) tells me that each of the tools have their advantages. While SVGO is popular, it is also the buggiest. svgcleaner is the fastest. Scour and svgcleaner can also repair damaged SVG while SVGO cannot.