TL;DR on Vendor Prefix Drama

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Daniel Glazman, co-chair of CSS Working Group, informs us non-WebKit browser vendors are considering supporting the -webkit- prefix in addition to their own for some CSS features.

In particular Mozilla, who currently uses the -moz- prefix for experimental features, said “Zero is not an option for us” when talking about how many features they should support with the -webkit- prefix. Daniel calls for developers and evangelists to stop being lazy/negligent and use all the correct vendor prefixes instead of just -webkit-.

Remy Sharp says this is a bad idea because it affects the expectations of developers and will likely make us even lazier about prefixes.

Other folks in this this ain’t good crowd: Rachel Andrew, Bruce Lawson, and Gilles Vandenoostende.

Christian Heilmann says we as developers got ourselves into this mess, so let’s get ourselves out of it.

Aaron Gustafson begs us to at least fix our own stuff and created a petition against other vendors supporting -webkit-.

Eric Meyer is pretty sure we aren’t going to win this battle.

Need help getting the prefixes right? Prefixr, Prefix-free, CSS3 Please, or use a preprocessor.