Threadsy Invites / Haiti Poster Project

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Two things today.

First, have you guys heard of Threadsy? I hadn’t, but apparently they got 2nd place at TechCrunch 50, which is pretty great. It’s a web application that combines several of your online “input streams” (e.g. Email, Twitter, and Facebook). I think that’s actually all they do right now, which I find kind of awesome, because those are the only ones I use anyway.

I have 500 invites to give away for it. First come first serve as I understand it. Just click this to sign up.

I really quite like it. The Threadsy team has done a killer job in creating an interface to combine these things that is totally usable and nice. No small chore when trying to pack so much functionality into basically one screen. I’ve been using it off and on. I haven’t been able to 100% switch just because old habits are hard to break and I love my Gmail/Tweetie combo so much already.

Second, there are a ton of ways you can help out the bad situation in Haiti. I’m sure many of you have already. I’ve done a few different things and plan to do a few more. As designers, there is a really cool new one: The Haiti Poster Project.

You design and print 11″x17″ posters (yes, you have to print your own, that is part of your contribution). The posters are collected and sold. The goal is to raise $1,000,000 for Doctors Without Borders. I think this is a great idea, especially how it’s not a “contest” where you could do all the work and then be rejected and not even be sure you did any good. Everyone wins here.