Those “Get The App” Banners

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Chris Coyier on

Why would a company promote a native app over their perfectly usable website?

We’d have to ask them, I suppose. But it’s hard not to see this push to native as a matter of priorities: that these companies consider native applications worthy of their limited time, resources, and money. They’re a worthy investment, to hear these banners tell it.

—Ethan Marcotte, “Locus.”

Ethan shows off that the web is absolutely covered in amazingly obtrusive “get the app” banners, often covering up perfectly usable websites.

What I always think of when I see banners like this is a comment I remember Tim Holman making one time that was something like, What would it feel like to work on the web team at a company like this? There are a bunch of people in the world that work on websites that only exist behind big stupid banners telling people not to use the thing they work on all day.

Sure would be nice to get to a point where companies didn’t really care which method you used, because it’s probably all built with one technology anyway and is fully capable of anything the device can do.