Think you know the top web browsers?

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If I had to blindly guess about global marketshare, I would have gotten it wrong. I probably would have forgotten about UC browser (kind of the point of Peter O’Shaughnessy’s article) that’s so huge in Asia. I would have guessed Firefox has a slight edge on Safari (turns out Firefox is half the share of Safari), and that Edge would be outpacing IE by now (also only half).

This is good dinner party conversation fodder, but I wouldn’t base any major decision making on it. The only stats that matter at your websites stats.

Here’s this sites, in the last 7 days.

There is always the chicken-or-egg conundrum though. If you support a browser that you didn’t before, doesn’t it stand to reason the numbers would go up for it? The time-on-site and bounce rate stuff would get better, anyway.

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