The Vite Ecosystem

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Matias Capeletto covers the breadth of Vite, from the technological shoulders it stands on, to the peers exploring similar territory, to the other technologies it supports, to the frameworks that now use it primarily, and more. The fact that that a post that is this thick like this exists is a testament to Vite’s meteoric rise.

One of the strongest points in Vite is the ecosystem around it. Vite took responsibilities from frameworks (common web patternsglob importsHMR APISSR primitivesbuild optimizations), freeing other maintainers from reinventing the wheel each time by offering a common ground where to collaborate, fostering a lot of explorations in the space. Maintainers from several popular frameworks have chosen Vite as their recommended build tool, and are now deeply involved in Vite core development, participating in discussions and directly working on fixes and features. 

The first commit to Vite was for gosh sakes.

I think Matias is right. When you take responsibility away from other technology and say I got this part, it’s commodity stuff anyway, you focus on what makes you special, that’s the right formula. Just like a good startup.

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