The Gang Goes on JS Danger

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Chris Coyier on

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The JS Party podcast sometimes hosts game shows. One of them is Jeopardy-esque, called JS Danger, and some of us here from CSS-Tricks got to be the guests this past week! The YouTube video of it kicks off at about 5:56.

While I’m at it…

Here’s some more videos I’ve enjoyed recently.

Past episodes of JS Danger are of course just as fun to watch!

Kevin Powell takes on a classic CSS confusion… what’s the difference between width: auto; and width: 100%;?

More like automatically distribute the space amiright?

Jeremy Keith on Design Principles For The Web:

John Allsopp with A History of the Web in 100 Pages. The intro video is three pages, and not embeddable presumably because the context of the blog post is important… this is just a prototype to hopefully complete the whole project!

And then recently while listening to A History of the World in 100 objects, it occurred to me that that model might well work for telling the story of the Web–A History of the Web told through 100 Pages. By telling the story of 100 influential pages in the Web’s history (out of the now half a trillion pages archived by the wayback machine), might we tell a meaningful history of the Web?