The Book: Digging Into WordPress

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It’s ready! Jeff Starr and I started the journey of writing Digging Into WordPress in December ’08 and it’s finally for sale. It’s 400 pages packed full of WordPress learning. We go from setting things up, to explaining how things work (really get to know the loop and how to use functions to display the things you need), to SEO, to using WordPress as a CMS, to security, and more! The book gets into it right away, and doesn’t waste time with a lot of stuff like the basics of installation that you either already know or can easily find elsewhere. Read on for some more details, as well as a discount code you can use!

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Demo PDF includes Table of Contents and part of Chapter 3

Discount for CSS-Tricks Readers

For the first 10 days, use coupon code DIWCSS during checkout and get $5 off. So the regular $27 is just $22 if you grab it during this launch period.

PDF Now, Print Later

This is a PDF version of the book for now. Print will be coming later. Anybody who buys the PDF now will get a a fair discount on the print version if you want to pick that up later. Both are going to be very cool. I love print, but the PDF is pretty ideal as all the links are active, you can search it easily, and you can copy and paste code!

A Lifetime Subscription

Buying the book now gives you a lifetime subscription to the book. We intend to keep the book updated and add new content as time goes on. This won’t become a stagnant old outdated book. When we release a new version, you’ll automatically get an email to download the new version.

Affiliate Program

If you like the book and want to help sell it, you can earn money doing so. For the PDF right now, we don’t have the substantial costs that are printing, handling, and shipping. So, we are offering 50% of all affiliate sales. Hey, you are doing the legwork, and we appreciate it. Learn more here.

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Thank You

Thanks in advance to anybody who picks up a copy. It goes a long way toward helping both me and Jeff create all the other free content we love to share.