The Almanac is “Complete”

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

This is just a note to let ya’ll know The Almanac section on CSS-Tricks is complete. Not complete as in totally done and never will be changed or anything foolish like that, but complete as in all CSS selectors and CSS properties are present and have complete informational pages about them.

It took a while! I wrote a good number of them, but then pulled in help to get it all completed. Big thanks to: Louis Lazaris, Estelle Weyl, Zachary Kain, Dennis Gaebel, Kitty Giraudel, Timothy Miller, Jared Stephens, Chris Burton, Rob Simpson, and Sacha Schmid for helping out (sorry if I missed anyone there!).

I already have several big ideas to make it better, so we’ll just keep trucking along there. If you see something incorrect in there, just leave a comment. I’ll see it and fix it.