2007 Thank You’s & Wrap Up

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January is coming to a close already so I thought I’d better get this out! I want to do a little wrap up of 2007 and give my thanks where thanks is due.


Thanks to all you readers, subscribers, and commenters

I really appreciate everyone who has come to be a reader of CSS-Tricks. This has grown way bigger than I thought it would and it’s all thanks to you. Most of the content of this site comes from community discussion and questions sent to me.

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The Top 2 Most Commented Posts

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Biggest Single Day

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Thanks to my Guest Posters

David Walsh
Volkan Görgülü
Jermayn Parker
-If anyone else would like to guest post, please contact me.

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Special Thanks to other blogs that link here regularly

Smashing Magazine
Dr. Web
Posh CSS
I couldn’t list everyone here, but believe me, if you’ve linked here I’ve probably checked out your site and I really appreciate it!

Places I Guest Posted

Tutorial Blog
Web Designer Wall

Thanks to my Sponsors

You can trust I’m not getting rich over here =) — but the money I earn from having sponsors for this blog goes a long way to offsetting the costs this blog incurs as well as the time I put into writing/researching. So thank you sponsors!

Plans for 2008

There is lots of stuff cooking for 2008. For one thing, DZone has a new CSS Zone of which I will be a Zone Leader. I will be adding some of the content of this site over there at first. The zones are really just starting to take shape and it remains to be seen exactly how they will work, but I am sure it will continue to get cooler and more useful in time.

The other big plan is to start shooting screencasts. They will be focused on CSS (of course) and be walkthroughs of how to accomplish different techniques. Screencasts have some advantages and disadvantages. The big advantage is I feel like they do a better job of actually “teaching”. I can explain things in plain English and go through the thought process behind things easier through talking than writing. The disadvantage is that you can’t copy and paste code out of a screencast, so they can be less helpful on-the-fly. I don’t plan to go all-video with this site. I don’t even plan to commit myself to any regular video schedule. We’ll just see how it goes and see how you all like it and go from there.

One big final THANKS to everyone and I look forward to a great year!