“… have a tendency to latch onto big opinions about How Things Should Be.”

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I like Rachel Nabors measured thinking in this week’s Web Animation Weekly:

Scrolljacking has become a dirty word. But what is scrolljacking, and is it really all bad? Motion design on the web is young. Many agencies latch on to the newest techniques to dazzle clients, but industry heavyweights and aspiring leaders also have a tendency to latch onto big opinions about How Things Should Be.

At best: design innovation should propel the web forward while experienced leaders apply the brakes of caution lest we hurt ourselves or our users. At worst: creative trends make portions of the web uninhabitable for users; or would-be heroes bolster their own position by adopting black and white views on new and possibly revolutionary design techniques. For this reason, we must turn to research and facts rather than opinions and fashion to help us think for ourselves.

Find and replace “scrolljacking” with “whatever controversial thing people are talking about”.

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