Tech Community’s Very Own Domain Extension

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Until 2012, the world only knew of .com, .net etc. Since then, 1200+ new domain extensions have been launched! Today, there are meaningful extensions for all kinds of communities including us, the tech folks! We now have a definitive domain extension that is relevant to us: .tech.

Having a domain can be a great boost to your marketing. Even for your personal branding, it’s a good idea to set a redirect from to your LinkedIn / GitHub or create your portfolio!

Here are some great use cases of .tech domains from the world over: (Startup) (SEO Tool / Global winner of WIX SEO Hero Challenge) (Event) (Hackathon) (Brand) (Tech Influencer)

If you’re in tech, you deserve a .tech domain! Get one for only $4.99 for 1 year and $49.99 for 10 years. Use code CSS17 at checkout on

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