Build (Custom Styled) Online Forms with Wufoo

Need to put a form on a website? I've been using Wufoo to do that for a decade. It's so simple. Just drag and drop the fields you need and select the options you want. Even things that could be complex aren't, like adding logic (e.g. if they select this, show that) or pagination. Never worry about spam. Never worry about losing data, since it's all stored right in Wufoo itself (with API access!).

There are too many features to explain right here (OK two more: payments! reports!). One of my favorites, though, which might appeal to all y'all CSS people: you have complete CSS control over the forms you build. Let's take a look at how that works.


Sponsor: Wufoo!

Wufoo has been the best form builder around for quite a long time. Here's what I love about Wufoo:

  • It takes like 2 minutes to build a form with the easy drag-and-drop UI. It's just as easy to go back and update it.
  • You can completely control the look. Either quickly change the colors and fonts and stuff with a theme, or use your own CSS.
  • You can give specific people access to specific forms and reports.
  • It's easy to add custom logic. For example revealing additional questions depending on how someone answers a previous question.
  • You don't get spam through Wufoo forms.
  • You can accept money through a form and Wufoo takes no cut of it.