php school

PHP School (Learn PHP Through Command Line Workshops)

Whilst attending a local meet-up last year in Nottingham, UK, my friends and I were introduced to the concept of NodeSchool. NodeSchool workshops are small applications which run in the terminal and exist to teach you various topics related to Node and JavaScript. They range from teaching you the basics of JavaScript, all the way through to dealing with C++ extensions.

I had great fun and the workshops were really cool - you select an exercise, read the problem and start coding. Each exercise explains concepts and links to resources. Once you have written a solution to the problem, you invoke the workshop with your solution. Your solution is then ran and information regarding your success (or failure!) is printed to the terminal.

I'm a PHP developer by trade - the next day I thought to myself: is there something similar for PHP? There must be something similar for PHP? Turns out there wasn't!