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CSS is fun and cool and I like it.
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Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

Do you have a client that requires absolutely zero downtime?

How about any sites that have unpredictable traffic? Welcome spikes in visitors that can happen anytime, but can be a big problem for web servers.

You should look at Fully Managed Cloud Hosting on Media Temple. It may be the perfect home for these projects. It's Amazon Web Services hosting, with white-glove support from Media Temple's AWS-certified Cloud Architects. This is instant scaling, super high-performance web hosting that … Read article


An SVG That Isn’t All… SVG

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Sponsor: Media Temple

One of the interesting things about Media Temple is the breadth of hosting solutions they offer.

Among their least expensive plans is WordPress-specific hosting. Just $20/month, but very powerful and fast hosting, thanks to it being tuned just for WordPress. WP-CLI is installed right on it and it auto-updates WordPress core for you. Not to mention it's all on SSD's, you get SSH access, and you get 24/7 WordPress-certified support.

There are loads of plans that scale up from here, … Read article

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Sponsor: Enterprise WordPress on Media Temple

Media Temple is the host we both use and recommend here on CSS-Tricks.

Hot off the presses: Media Temple has launched Enterprise WordPress Hosting. This is for large-scale WordPress sites that need the scaling and high-availability of AWS, all managed by the crack engineers at Media Temple.

A little behind the scenes: everything is built on Docker containers. When a high traffic event happens that requires scaling up, that happens in seconds. Media is uploaded and stored on S3, … Read article

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Sponsor: Media Temple

Media Temple has been my host here at CSS-Tricks since forever.

One of the things I particularly like is the customer support team. They have all the angles covered:

  • They have really robust documentation. I land there from web searches all the time, not even thinking to directly reference their docs.
  • Need help right now and not finding it in the docs? They do real time support through chat and phone. They are also 24/7/365 on Twitter at @mediatemplehelp
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