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CSS is fun and cool and I like it.

Touch Devices Should Not Be Judged By Their Size

Front-end developers and web designers live in an insane multi-device reality.

A few months ago, the Red Hat UXD team discussed how to design enterprise applications for mobile environments. Sarah and Jenn, my talented colleagues, pointed out that touch devices should not be judged by their size alone.… Read article “Touch Devices Should Not Be Judged By Their Size”


SVG & Media Queries


Introducing iframify


Approaches to Media Queries in Sass

Using media queries in CSS as part of responsive websites is bread and butter stuff to todays front-end developer. Using preprocessors to make them more comfortable to write and easier to maintain has become common practice as well.

I spent a few months experimenting with a dozen different approaches to media queries in Sass and actually used a few in production. All of them eventually failed to cater for everything I needed to do in an elegant way. So I … Read article “Approaches to Media Queries in Sass”