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CSS is fun and cool and I like it.

What does “revert” do in CSS?

Miriam Suzanne explains in a Mozilla Developer video on the subject.

The revert value in CSS “resets” a property back to it’s inherited value, only going as far back as the UA stylesheet. That’s critical, as it won’t reset a <p to inline, for example, because a <p is a block-level element as set in the UA stylesheet.… Read article “What does “revert” do in CSS?”


The Kind of Development I Like

I’m turning 40 next year (yikes!) and even though I’ve been making websites for over 25 years, I feel like I’m finally beginning to understand the kind of development I like. Expectedly, these are not new revelations and my views can be summed up by two older Computer Science adages that pre-date my career.

  1. Composition over inheritance
  2. Convention over configuration

Allow me to take you on a short journey. In modern component-driven web development, I often end up with or … Read article “The Kind of Development I Like”


CSS Basics: The Second “S” in CSS

CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets.

While most of the discussion about CSS on the web (or even here on CSS-Tricks) is centered around writing styles and how the cascade affects them, what we don’t talk a whole lot about is the sheet part of the language. So let’s give that lonely second “S” a little bit of the spotlight and understand what we mean when we say CSS is a style sheet.… Read article “CSS Basics: The Second “S” in CSS”