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CSS is fun and cool and I like it.

Quick Tips for High Contrast Mode


The Contrast Triangle


Programming Sass to Create Accessible Color Combinations

We are always looking to make the web more accessible. Color contrast is just math, so Sass can help cover edge cases that designers might have missed.

Understanding Web Accessibility Color Contrast Guidelines and Ratios

What should you do when you get a complaint about the color contrast in your web design? It might seem perfectly fine to you because you’re able to read content throughout the site, but to someone else, it might be a totally different experience. How can put yourself in that person’s shoes to improve their experience?

There are some relatively easy ways to test contrast. For example, you can check the site on your phone or tablet in bright sunlight … Read article “Understanding Web Accessibility Color Contrast Guidelines and Ratios”


Accessible SVGs in High Contrast Mode

Making your SVG accessible includes adding extra steps to your workflow, but is well-worth it. By embracing clean, semantic markup and taking advantage of some of the less well-known features of CSS, you can create easily maintainable solutions that include considerations for low vision, a condition that affects a not-insignificant amount of the population.

Rather than writing and maintaining complicated and brittle state-managing Javascript, work with existing browser capabilities such as media queries to easily make the experience accommodate … Read article “Accessible SVGs in High Contrast Mode”